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Meal Prep Kits vs Mountain Meals

What are our "Meal Prep Kits"?

Our Meal Prep Kits are convenient one-pot meals crafted with a blend of dehydrated vegetables, beans, dried pastas, rices, legumes, and spices. Simply add water and simmer on the stovetop for about 30 minutes. No additional ingredients are necessary, except for optional meat. We offer two sizes: full-size meals serving between 4-8 portions, ideal for families or meal prep, and half-size meals serving 2-4 portions, perfect for couples or singles.


What are our "Mountain Meals"?

Our "Mountain Meals" are lightweight, single-serve meals designed for camping, hiking, or outdoor adventures. They require no simmering; simply add hot water directly into the pouch and let them stand for approximately 25 minutes to rehydrate and enjoy.