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Our Story


At Mountain Meal Prep, our journey began with a simple desire to revolutionize the way we eat. We understood the struggles of maintaining a healthy diet amidst life's hectic schedules and the increasing cost of groceries, which made cooking for the family a daunting task. Driven to offer a solution, we embarked on a mission to provide a healthier and more affordable alternative to takeout—a solution that's convenient, nutritious, and easy to enjoy both at home and on the go.


We proudly introduce two innovative products: Meal Prep Kits and Mountain Meals. Our Meal Prep kits simplify mealtime, answering the age-old question: "What's for dinner?" With only water and about 30 minutes on the stove top, you can enjoy a delicious, nutritious meal without the guesswork. No more wasted produce in your fridge. No more late-night grocery store runs for extra ingredients; everything you need is included in each kit, just dehydrated! Each meal prep kit is meticulously crafted with easy-to-follow cooking directions, catering to health-conscious individuals who seek simplicity without compromising on nutrition. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or a busy professional, our goal is to minimize time spent in the kitchen and maximize your time outside.


Our Mountain Meals are the ideal companion for camping, hiking, or any outdoor adventure. Simply add boiling water to rehydrate and indulge in a nourishing, satisfying meal made with real ingredients. We understand the importance of proper nutrition, especially after a long day of hiking. With Mountain Meals, you can trust that you're fuelling your body right when it counts the most.


Let's make every meal an adventure worth savouring.