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Apple Cinnamon French Toast


Apple Cinnamon French Toast

A high-energy backcountry breakfast made with 9-grain, apples, raisins, and real maple syrup. Packed full of flavour, and ready to fuel you for any adventures.

Ready & Rehydrates in only 7 minutes!
Recommended panfry 

Ingredients: bread cubes, (flour, water, yeast, salt, wheat flakes, rye meal, sunflower seeds, wheat bran, flaxseed, rye, flour, sugar, corn flakes, oat flakes, malted barley flour, soy grits, vegetable oil, millet, datem, calcium carbonate, caramel, ascorbic acid, amylase, xylanase, bacterial culture), powdered egg (whole eggs, yolk, dried egg white), powdered milk (skim milk powder), maple syrup, apple, raisin, butter powder (butter (cream, water, salt), non-fat milk, tocopherols and ascorbyl palmitate), maple powder, brown sugar, and spices