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Green Thai Curry


Green Thai Curry:

Green Thai Curry is a hot and sweet curry, flavoured with Thai curries, lemongrass, and ginger; made with rice, chickpeas, potato, carrot, bell pepper, and lightly sweetened with coconut milk. Packed full of flavour, and ready to fuel any adventure. 

Serves 1

130 grams

Ingredients: precooked long grain rice, organic coconut milk powder (organic coconut milk powder, organic maltodextrin), chickpea, carrot, sweet pea, potato, mushroom, sweet potato, red bell pepper, coconut sugar, nutritional yeast, shallot, garlic, salt, ginger, lime powder (crystallized lime (citric acid, lime oil, lime juice, ascorbic acid, organic cane syrup), spices and herbs. 

Vegan        Gluten Free